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15 Instagram Accounts That Will Add More Positivity To Your Feed

Why not make your morning scroll through Instagram a little more positive and heartwarming?

15 Instagram Accounts That Will Add More Positivity To Your Feed

As much as we hate to admit it, Instagram is an important part of our lives. It's often the first thing we see in the morning (especially when we just want a few more minutes in bed) and the last thing we see before we close our eyes at night. Honestly, I can't tell you how many times I've absentmindedly scrolled through my feed or tapped through Instagram stories.

Since we are glued to social media, why not make it a little more worthwhile? Why not make your morning scroll through Instagram a little more positive and heartwarming?

Here are 15 accounts you should definitely follow for a little bit of happiness and inspiration. Most of them are mental health accounts (except for one...hint: animals).

1. @selfcareisforeveryone


@selfcareisforeveryone is a page made by Self-Care Station, a website that sells mental health clothing and donates 10% of sales to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Self-Care Station also provides resources against self-harm and suicide. Their Instagram feed is full of colorful and inspiring graphics (made my many artists) and a positive community of people who share their mission.

2. @positivelysparkly


@positivelysparkly posts exactly what you would think: colorful (and sometimes sparkly) images with inspirational messages and reminders. They also post a lot of things on their story!

3. @selflovegxng


I love this account and its attitude! This account posts a lot of messages related to loving yourself and being confident. What else could you ask for?

4. @sosheslays


Channel your inner girl boss. Enough said.

5. @howtogetittogether


The owner of the page @howtogetittogether is a marriage and family therapist that posts inspirational (and funny) posts basically every day. My favorite is "Gwen Stefani was right. This shit is bananas."

6. @betteringbecca


I love hearing people's stories. I love getting tips on how to deal with my anxiety from someone who has been through it. Becca does this and much more.

7. @bensmithhasanxiety


Ben goes to college near me. I heard of his account from a friend and I've been obsessed with it since. He is unashamed of his anxiety and wants to ensure that others know to reach out.

8. @onemindtherapy


The owner of this page, Elizabeth Sockolov, has online therapy sessions but she also posts inspirational messages! Most of the messages are centered on self-compassion and acceptance, which I love!

9. @makesureyourfriendsareokay


In addition to a website that sells merchandise and a mental health blog, @makesureyourfriendsareokay posts reminders to check on your friends and to stay in supportive relationships. It has also featured YouTuber Imari Stewart!

10. @gmf.designs


Gabby is CEO of Buddy Project, a nonprofit organization that connects people to "buddies" so they feel less alone. She also loves graphic design and makes really cool graphics related to mental health. She also posts wallpapers on her Instagram story every Wednesday!

11. @positivelypresent


Dan DiPirro makes beautiful artwork about mental health. I love this account so much!

12. @projecthappiness_org


@projecthappiness_org posts inspiring quotes about enjoying life and simply being happy. I love the positive messages that this account brings to my feed.

13. @lostgotfound


@lostgotfound is an organization that holds presentations about mental health in schools. Their Instagram feed consists of the stories of people they have interviewed. These stories are so inspiring and remind me of the strength that I have inside of me.

14. @sheisrecovering


Sarah Lee, the owner of this account, posts inspiring messages for people who are in mental health recovery. I love the pink too!

15. @crazyisaconcept (shoutout to our Prez)


Temple's Odyssey President, Emma, has a mental health account called @crazyisaconcept. I love how real she is on this account and I encourage you to check it out if you are in recovery, or simply want to support others with mental illnesses or mental health problems.

16. @round.boys


These round animals will make you smile no matter what.

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