Ever want to listen to a catchy beat that you haven't already heard on the radio a billion times? There is so much brilliant music that never gets played on the pop stations just waiting for you! Here are some notable tunes to start you off on your journey away from popular music:

1. Saint Motel: "Cold Cold Man".

With their poppy sound and retro undertones, Saint Motel creates songs that can be listened to many times without becoming annoying. The song above is one of my all time favorites, and several of the band's other songs are close behind such as "For Elise," "Puzzle Pieces," and "My Type."

2. Grouplove: "Good Morning".

Grouplove songs are perfect for any mood; their wacky vibe is sure to cheer up a somber day and I have found that it is a great motivator to get stuff done. The group puts on a vibrant concert and are one of the few bands from which every song of theirs is worth a listen.

3. The Black Keys: "Howlin' For You".

The Black Keys' songs balance the grunge of rock with clean sounding, precise rhythms. Their catchy baselines are a signature feature in most songs and blend well with the simple vocals. "Ohio" and "Sinister Kid" are other prominent songs among the artists' vast collection of music.

4. Rex Orange County: "Sunflower".

The raw vocals and mellow instrumentals of Rex Orange County's music craft a homey sound, which makes for easy listening on a relaxing afternoon. The band's honest and relatable lyrics provide a refreshing recess from the predictable pop music themes of our day with songs such as "Loving is Easy" and "Best Friend."

5. Sylvan Esso: "Die Young".

The soft electronic ambiance within Sylvan Esso's few albums makes them distinct among other alternative artists; their simple hooks and paradoxically natural sounding synth pairs well with the delicate vocals of lead singer Amelia Meath as exemplified in "Sound," "The Glow," and "Radio."

6. St. Vincent: "Los Angeles".

St. Vincent's music is reminiscent to that of Sylvan Esso's, but with a much darker and edgier twist. Her music ranges from the abrupt intensity within "Young Lover" and "Cheerleader" to the slow and gentle "Marry Me John." Her socially charged lyrics provide critical undertones throughout her albums and are even found within her more upbeat pieces such as "Pills."

7. Bahamas: "Way With Words".

This beachy band it not solely suited for an evening under the cabana; although the chill and bluesy atmosphere created by Bahamas has island music influences, the band's albums are a nice treat to relax to in everyday life. Their songs "No Expectations" and "No Depression" are a couple of favorites, and provide an intriguing perspective on common struggles.

8. Vampire Weekend: "Harmony Hall".

Which each new Vampire Weekend album, comes a different musical theme, from the unsettling aura of "Hudson" to the intricately cheery "White Sky" and "Oxford Comma." The musical group also incorporates polyrhythms into their work, truly setting them apart from the rest of the music industry. "Harmony Hall" hails from Vampire Weekend's much anticipated new album "Father of the Bride," which introduces a more colorful sound to the band's repertoire.