With the election season in full swing these past few weeks, there has been a lot of debate, especially between us millennials. This is normal, of course, as the debate tends to stir interest in the issues. But, this time around I have noticed the same bad takes circulating social media. The usual "I don't care about politics" tweets pop up but one particular statement has struck a chord with me recently. A large number of people think that differing political views — polar opposite views, mind you — should not impact or end a friendship. This is framed as an unpopular opinion but it appears to come up rather frequently.

So, to the people who believe that politics shouldn't determine a friendship,

This opinion obviously comes from a place of a privilege. If you think that a Trump supporter and left-wing person can peacefully be friends, then you must have a different definition of friendship. A friendship in which both of you have conflicting views on basic human rights, government control and even the current administration as a whole means that you're living in a bubble of privilege.

Newsflash: being racist is definitely a dealbreaker, not just someone being "sensitive."

Not letting these fundamental differences "divide" you may mean that you are not as wholeheartedly passionate about the issues as you may let on or that. If you're a Trump supporter tweeting about how much you hate liberals then post a picture of you in your MAGA hat next to your Democrat buddy, it's contradicting.

Be friends with whoever you please, of course. However, it's simply ignorant to imply that differing fundamental morals are not a good reason to end a friendship or relationship. Somebody else's politics don't affect you to the point where you feel unsafe around them? Great, but realize that that is a reality for someone else. Your closeted friend is bound to feel uncomfortable around someone who agrees with wanting to strip the rights of LBGTQ+ people, right?

Politics plays a large role in our society, has the biggest and most potentially dangerous impact on marginalized communities.

People are dying, people feel unsafe, scared, and hopeless. Realize that your political beliefs are a direct reflection of your moral values. Reexamine what it is that you really care about. And shut up about politics being too divisive. There's always going to be a divide between right and wrong, good and evil.