When It Comes To Politics, Agree To Disagree, Then Move On

Recently, it was election time, a time of year that I honestly hate. I feel like it truly brings out the worst in people. A time when we, as a very privileged country, get to exercise one of our many freedoms. A time that should remind us of how appreciative we should be to live in a country that has so many freedoms. Except, most people — as they do with many things nowadays — feel as if this is just a part of everyday life. Something they earned by just being a person, and something they expect to be given.

Do you people honestly realize that this is not a freedom everywhere?

Do you not realize that there are countries that people live in where they have absolutely no say-so in anything? So, to begin, why don't we all lose the sense of entitlement for once, and be a little grateful and appreciative that we are even given this freedom.

Secondly, does no one truly respect or care about anything our country was built upon? Our country was built upon the idea of a safe haven. An escape from persecution, from discrimination, from being treated less than people should be treated. Do you all realize that we are going back to exactly that? What happened to freedom of speech? Freedom of religion? No one respects either of those ideas anymore, it truly seems.

Everyone should be encouraged to vote, regardless of their opinions, because that is their freedom. Just because they view an issue differently than you, does not mean that they are wrong. And it definitely does not mean that you have the right to judge them, mock them, ridicule them, or persecute them for their beliefs. Who are you, honestly, to judge anyone? I am not perfect, you are not perfect, no one is perfect. We all come from different places with different ideas. Who is great enough to say whose idea is "correct?" Not any one of us.

The fact that people turn to hate over differing opinions is sad, immature, disappointing, and just downright ridiculous. You really think that hate is going to solve our problems? You really think that by hating each other and hurting each other, our country is going to get any better? And if not, then did I miss the memo about everyone pushing our country down the toilet? Because if we don't wise up, grow up, and come together, that is EXACTLY where our country will continue to grow. Some of you may want that, and if you do, you are the problem. If, however, you actually want our country to be something to be proud of, then make a change. It is not too late.

I myself try to do my part every day. I might disagree with a lot of people, and I am sure a lot of people probably disagree with me. But you know what is different? I don't hate them. I don't ridicule, or talk down to them. I try my best to treat them how I want them to treat me. I don't know what beliefs you may have. But in my religion, our God didn't put us here to judge. He put us here to love. No matter the race, gender, political affiliation, or even religion. He tells us to spread the word of Him and to love everyone openly and freely, and He will do the rest. Yes, you heard that right, even if they are of other beliefs than us. Even if you don't believe in God, I still think we should all follow this ideal. Not one of us is better than anyone else, so why do we feel we have the right to judge? In my opinion, we don't.

So how about we agree to disagree and MOVE ON.

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