I Am Scared Of Expressing My Political Views Because Of My Peers

I am a female, I am white, and I am a Republican.

I am scared of expressing my beliefs, especially when it is about politics because I am constantly stereotyped by my fellow peers. Republicans are racist, sexist, and love their guns as much as they love 'Merica, but I am neither of those things. Yes, there is a HUGE percentage of Republicans that are all of the above, but we are NOT ALL those things. I am NOT racist, I am NOT sexist, and I love God more than this country or a weapon.

I enjoy hearing both sides of the wave, both red and blue. I am open to debates, casual conversations, and reading up on the most recent articles about candidates - but I hate seeing the slander each side gives to the other.

When election time rolls around... I HATE SOCIAL MEDIA. I hate seeing the negativity and the stereotypes thrown at Republicans. People, who I thought were my friends, will call me names, make me feel stupid, and belittle my beliefs- without hearing why I chose the red side. Every vote matters and every voice should be heard - including mine.

The outcome, of the polls, will not satisfy everyone - not every party can win. Do not make people feel bad about their vote, their choice, or their views. Being cruel to the people who do not side with our favorite party is making people not want to vote at ALL. I know several people who did not vote because they would rather not be involved or think their voice does not matter - it matters! We are voting to choose who we want to run OUR county, OUR state, OUR future!

Voting is a right! U.S. citizens have the right to vote for whoever they please - literally you can write in Mickey Mouse! People would rather not use a basic given right because of the fear - the fear of being harassed. I have experienced the harassment because of who I voted for to be our president. No, Trump is NOT perfect but I voted - and I voted for him. I was shamed for weeks... and still am. It is important to stress the right to vote, but do not force your own personal choice onto the person who is unsure about voting. Suggest research, offer links, and ask questions to help people decide on their OWN what side they lean towards.

I hate how people make me feel because of my political views, I hate how people will not let me express myself on social media, and I hate the way people view me as a whole - rather than an individual. If you are a Republican or a Democrat, then you should be able to freely express your opinions without any form of harassment, fear, or guilt. Every voice should be heard.

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