For me, finding my voice when it came to my political beliefs was relatively easy. I had already naturally leaned toward a friend group who had essentially the same stance I had and once we actually started understanding world issues we were always on the same page.

The only weird thing about my stance is that I'm from a slightly smaller town where the majority of kids in my school fell on the complete another side of the political spectrum as I did.

Often, it seemed like only my two sisters, friend group, and I had the same views.

I never really understood how I came to start believing in the things I did. I mean, I assume growing up as a curious kid in a world of ever advancing technology help but I wasn't raised in a family that was openly political.

Honestly, I never even thought about it until I saw a tweet from my sister.

I realized that, yeah, I've maybe had two conversations with my parents about politics. To some people, this may be a horrific thing to even imagine. I mean not trying to convince your kids that what you believe in is the only correct stance? What kind of world would we live in! OK, that might be a dramatized just a tad bit but I have met people my age who are still torn between whether or not their political stance is constructed from their own intellect or if it's from their parents who have repeated the same things over and over for the entirety of their childhood.

My parents made the choice to opt out of talking about politics, at least when myself or my sisters were around when we were younger and it has benefited us in more ways than I would have imagined. Like my sister stated in her tweet, we were able to find our own voices. If we wanted to learn about any issue in the world my parents would gladly explain it but they wouldn't tell us how they personally felt unless one of us specifically asked.

We were never restricted in our ability to gain more insight and knowledge or to ask questions and that gave us a free reign to learn and grow as individuals.

Now, at 19, I know what I stand for and if I want to talk to my parents about anything pertaining to politics I know that they will gladly engage in a conversation with me about it. Some families make or break over politics but I think mine just grows together.