Politics: Arkansas Edition By Bradey Chambers
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Politics and Activism

Politics: Arkansas Edition By Bradey Chambers


   On Friday, Feb. 28, Senator Mark Pryor filed his paperwork at the Capitol in Little Rock to seek his third term in the Senate. First elected in 2002 and re-elected in 2008 without challenge, Pryor is the only Democrat in Arkansas’ congressional delegation and he won’t go down without a fight. Pryor, his opponent Rep. Tom Cotton and outside groups have already spent millions on a campaign for an election that is still over seven months away.  
Born in Fayetteville, Pryor is the son of former Arkansas Governor and U.S. Senator David Pryor.  Pryor describes himself with three words: faith, responsibility, security. He uses his Christian faith as a cornerstone for how he shapes his life and how he approaches his role as a U.S. Senator. Opposed to cutting Social Security, veterans’ benefits or converting Medicare, Pryor holds himself accountable for seniors, veterans and children. He believes that we must responsibly cut government spending and opposes radical or irresponsible spending cuts. He believes that we all contribute to the well being of our nation and should take personal responsibility for achieving success instead of relying on government as a “cure-all for every problem we face.” 
Pryor sees national security as a top priority. He believes in a strong military and capacity to fight terrorism nationally and abroad. Mark Pryor strives to do his best work on behalf of the people of Arkansas by ignoring partisan politics. 
According to his website, instead of “politics as usual,” Pryor works for responsible, bipartisan solutions that secure the future of our nation for generations to come while keeping our commitments to our seniors and veterans. With Mark Pryor, “Arkansas Comes First.” For more information about Mark Pryor and his policies visit http://pryorforsenate.com   
A graduate of Harvard and Harvard Law School, hailing from Dardanelle, Tom Cotton currently represents the Fourth Congressional District of Arkansas sitting on the Financial Services and Foreign Affairs Committees. As an officer in the U.S. Army, Tom took an oath of office to defend the Constitution and uses that oath to fight unconstitutional laws like ObamaCare and will never vote for a law that is, by his judgment, unconstitutional. 
Cotton believes the foremost responsibility of the federal government is to provide for the common defense and believes that the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were just and necessary. He states that a strong national defense depends on a fully and well-funded military with the best equipment and troops that money can buy. He backs pro-growth policies that support the private sector and a fair tax code. He also opposes President Obama’s failed policies because of their attacks on the private sector.
Cotton works to preserve and protect benefits for veterans as well as working to enhance and endorse the public school system to give parents the power to make the right choices for their children’s education(s). Cotton's website urges Arkansas voters to "elect a United States senator who when he says Arkansas comes first, actually means it," For more information about Tom Cotton and his policies visit http://cotton.house.gov or http://www.tomcotton.com 
Although Pryor and Cotton are both born and raised Hog Fans, their race is nowhere close to over. With the upcoming election in November, one can expect to see their ads lighting up our TV screens during every prime-time program.  
This Senate race is going to heat up fast. As of now, Cotton is up 2.3 percent in the polls, but it’s only March. And, as we all know, anything can happen in politics. 

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