The heart of a culture is often found in its food. Cuisine brings a country together, and everybody around the world loves trying food from other places.

For the next year, I will be studying Poland and its culture. Indeed, I have a fondness for Polish cuisine and enjoyed trying it while traveling in Poland.

I'm not Polish - I'm just a foreigner who hopes to learn all I can about this important nation.

1. Pierogi

Fun fact: "pierogi" is actually a plural word! "Pirog" is the singular. These dumplings can be filled with just about anything and can be served either boiled or fried. The best part is that everybody loves pierogi, and they can be made to match your own taste!

2. Kielbasa

Kielbasa is a Polish sausage. It's great in casseroles with potatoes and peppers, and it can also be great as a little snack while you're watching TV.

3. Golumpki

Golumpki is cabbage wrapped around meat or veggies and dipped in a sauce. It's super good!

4. Chocolate

Poland is a country famed for its chocolate. Try some! Whether it's from Wawel or Solidarnosc (or elsewhere in Poland), Polish chocolate is becoming increasingly popular in my homeland (the USA). And due to the large number of Americans in Poland, we are starting to have more and more of a chocolate exchange with one of our oldest allies.

5. Bread

While Ukraine (Poland's neighboring country) is known as the world's breadbasket, Polish bread is amazing as well - especially when it's fresh from the bakery!

My dear readers, have you had Polish food? Do you recommend any Polish foods that aren't on the list?