"Pokémon Go" Is Revolutionary
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"Pokémon Go" Is Revolutionary

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"Pokémon Go" Is Revolutionary
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It's finally here! An augmented reality game based on collecting the amazing pocket monsters we all know and love is finally here! I have been a fan of the Pokémon franchise ever since the release of its third generation in 2003 and have since grown to love every single game/generation/pokémon. While "Pokémon Go" is being called revolutionary in every sense of the word, let me explain more about why this mobile app is so beneficial to today's children (and adults!).

1. "Pokéstops"

In the world of "Pokémon Go" are places called pokéstops where players, called trainers, can travel to to receive helpful items that they would normally have to buy through microtransactions-- which is similar to buying more lives in "Candy Crush" when you just can't wait any longer to receive more. These pokéstops correspond to real world locations that offer an extremely educational value to the player. They are often placed at memorials, libraries, parks/gardens, museums, churches, waterfront parks, charity organizations and so much more. For example, there is a pokéstop placed at a 9/11 Memorial near my house. By forcing players to interact with the real world, knowledge and awareness is spread throughout the world. Some will say that the player could simply go to the pokéstop, get their reward and move on. I don't know about you, but if I went out of my way to go somewhere, I'm going to check the entire area out. This feature requires you to pay attention to your surroundings.

2. Mandatory exercise

One thing the original Pokémon games lacked was the ability to get the player up and moving. The earlier games allowed players to sit on their couch with a bag of chips and some soda and only stretched their fingers as they repeatedly pressed the arrow pad and the A and B buttons.

"Pokemon Go" has managed to fix this issue better than the generation four pokéwalker ever could. First, to continue collecting pokémon, the player must actively leave their sanctuary of a house for the game to generate more encounters. Second, the player must take steps (yes, one foot in front of the other) to hatch the pokémon eggs they receive from pokéstops.

From the moment I downloaded this game, I have been more active. Despite it being 9:30 at night when I was able to download, I got right out of my chair and took a walk around the neighborhood.

3. Pokémon gyms

Once a trainer reaches level five in "Pokemon Go," they are prompted to pick a team-- red, blue or yellow. These teams maintain control of a gym and reinforce solidarity among players as they continue to hold control of their respective team's gym. The idea of teams is a great way for players to make friends and socialize while playing "Pokemon Go." Adding this social aspect to "Pokémon Go" brings to life mechanisms of the older games, as the player always has friends exploring along side them in the RPGs.

The trailer for "Pokémon Go" even shows a ton of trainers in Times Square banding together to defeat Mewtwo!

All in all, "Pokemon Go" is definitely revolutionary, but one thing I want to remind trainers of is to use common sense! Don't play and drive and don't enter restricted areas to catch a pokémon. Be aware of your surroundings. I know playing "Pokémon Go" is a fantastic time, but don't sacrifice yours or others' safety. Look up from your phone often. Safe travels and good luck, fellow trainers!

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