'Pokemon Go': Do We Really Gotta Catch 'Em All?
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'Pokemon Go': Do We Really Gotta Catch 'Em All?

We do, in fact, have to catch them all.

'Pokemon Go': Do We Really Gotta Catch 'Em All?

To catch 'em all or to not catch 'em all, that is the (new) question.

"Pokemon Go" literally took over the U.S. these last few weeks. From mom and pop ice cream shops to universities older than the Pokemasters themselves, everything's a god damn Pokestop. I mean, it's great, balls for days, ball is life, right? But like, are we going over board with "Pokemon Go?" I mean, the servers crash every 15 to 30 minutes no matter where you are, and Weedles literally are more commonly seen than actual earth worms.

So far, I'm pretty impressed with "Pokemon Go." I mean, they fixed most of the server crashes to where it's no longer every 15 minutes you crash and I think they added a couple more Pokestops in my neighborhood, or I just opened my eyes. Whichever the case may be, I am a fan of the game.

I am now a level 17, #TEAMVALOR (yeah I said it, we're the best), and have every Eevee evolution there is. I'm happy. I'm satisfied, and I'm going to play on my break from work like I do everyday. But what I'm concerned about is all the idiotic things that are happening to other players.

Someone has died playing "Pokemon Go." Literally died. Over an app. End. Of. Life. Dead. Over "Pokemon Go." I'm sorry, no Pokemon is worth that. I have two Pikachu's, I'm all set.

A 15-year-old girl has also walked into a BUSY intersection of a highway and got run over by a car because she wasn't paying attention. But of course that's the games fault, right? No, look both ways numb skull. Her and her mother both protested that the game caused this girl to make this dumbass move instead of her doing it on her own accord. As if the game controlled her feet or something. Kids ruin everything.

Another thing is people are flooding a quiet neighborhood in Australia where rare Pokemon have been found causing neighbors to complain and pelt them with water balloons. Yikes. I hope the players had waterproof phone cases.

BUT! Some really awesome things have come about since "Pokemon Go" hit the app store.

For example, I have never seen a park in a bad neighborhood any safer than nine at night with 200 20-year-olds walking around hunting for Pokemon. Nobody starts any fights, everyone's courteous. Old high school classmates meet up. Smokers avidly avoid any children in the area. Vapers don't blow obnoxious clouds at people they don't know.

It's like a whole new breed. Millennial's are getting along and respecting boundaries and other people. People are losing weight because hell, hatching eggs means walking a shit ton. And people are just generally in a good mood.

If you see someone playing the game, it is totally acceptable to go up and ask them questions or tell them where a certain Pokemon is. Like it is literally bringing this generation together in a way I have never personally seen before and I think it is fantastic.

So all in all, keep Poke-hunting. Gotta catch 'em all, right?

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