So. I’ve been hearing a lot about Pokémon. I’ve always heard a lot about Pokémon, really. When I was little, I would wake up before everyone else on the days it was on TV so that I could watch it (since my parents didn’t like “that Japanimation”), and then sit at the dining room table trying to draw the cool creatures from it. I even have a distinct memory of trying to draw Ash Ketchum. It didn’t go quite as I’d planned, seeing as I lacked any understanding of the human anatomy (i.e. your arms aren’t supposed to go down to your knees). Anyway, I was astounded when everyone around me was suddenly talking about a Pokémon game for smart phones. I figured it had been around awhile, but upon looking up what the heck this game was, I discovered that it had been around for—at the time—like, two days. Presently, the first-person monster hunting game is about a month old and the world is still enraptured with it. Meanwhile I’m just over here… not playing it. Why not? I dunno. I feel like my phone takes up enough of my attention as it is. Plus, I just bought a sweet guitar and I want to learn how to play it. And so, without further ado, here is what an unbiased outsider knows about Pokémon Go!

Actual representation of me not playing Pokemon Go

1. My first real-life experience with the game was when my roommate showed me how it worked. He told me there was a Pokémon in the room and, right before my eyes, there was a Pidgey on my knee! I think the use of the camera to put the Pokémon into your actual surroundings is a cool feature; it really does make you feel like a Pokémon Master!

2. You can play it anywhere. When my boyfriend and I saw the new "Ghostbusters", people were playing it in the theater (before the movie started, of course). Walking out, we heard a group of people talking eagerly about how they were going to “hit up Hiram College because there’s a gym there.”

3. Hit up Hiram College, indeed. I see all sorts of new faces around campus now that the app has become so popular. Or just people in parked cars. Either way, the game has brought some extra life to campus this summer, when it’s usually pretty quiet around here.

4. You can find dead bodies accidentally? I guess this is a thing that happens. Are the bodies surrounded by ghost Pokemon? Geez, Sara, that's insensitive.


5. You can meet new people (who aren’t dead bodies). Take that Baby Boomers! Our generation is using the technology that you think cuts us off from people to make new friends! HA! One less thing to spite us for. Except you’ll probably keep doing it. ‘Cuz that’s your thing, I guess.

6. It eats up a whole lotta data. Lookin’ at you, little sis.

Overall, it seems like a good time! But, I think I’ll spend my time elsewhere. The competition between teams seems awfully stressful.

But in some cases highly lucrative!