Difference in perspective is what allows us to grow as a society and learn from one another. Take Nick Miller (from "New Girl") for example. Living as a bartender with the aspirations of an author, Nick wrote a zombie novel. It was terrible—which was not all that surprising—but he included a word search, and all great authors include a word search.

The point of Nick's journey to becoming an awful writer is that he decided to live as Ernest Hemmingway did. By living in the moment, Nick forced his good friend Winston to wake up from his adjusted schedule and accompany him to the zoo. A trip like this isn't out of the ordinary, but Nick made sure to change that. In addition to Winston, Nick brought a flask with him to ensure he could live wild and free like Hemmingway. During this event, Nick was convinced he was living the writer's life, while Winston merely said: "Nick this isn't life experience, this is drunk at the zoo."

This is where perspective comes in. Many people would agree that Nick was simply hammered at the zoo, but point-of-view allows Nick to use his drunkenness as a way to fuel his motivation. Winston saw drunk Nick, Nick saw drunk Nick; the importance is how they viewed it. One saw an idiot and the other saw the potential to become everything Hemmingway was. This odd journey shows us that how other people view the situation is rarely ever how we see it ourselves. Having the patience and open mind to see things as others do will push us further in life. We grow as individuals and then hopefully as a society.

Having different points of view can also keep us in check. Winston was right that Nick wasted a whole day. By confronting him about it, Nick was forced into the reality that he was once again procrastinating. Although the day motivated Nick to finish the novel, it was also Winston's blunt truth that caused him to work harder. No one likes to be called out, but sometimes it puts us back on track.

So what can we do with perspectives? We can grow irritable when others disagree with us. We can argue a point or we can build our patience and hear the other side of the story. Differing in point-of-view can be draining but ultimately it grows our society. If everyone thought the same and made the same choices, our trajectory would have far less potential. People change; mindsets change, but it's how we get to those changes that matter.

Nick and Winston constantly roast each other. That might not be the best way to deal with things, but it shows one another they can grow in places they hadn't before. Without Winston, Nick wouldn't have finished his novel, and without Nick, Winston would still be convinced he likes his adjusted schedule.