Poem about death

Poetry On Odyssey: Sonnet One, If You Only Had Today

Would you try to pray or even be good?


The inspiration behind this poem is redemption. The poem is based on a line I heard back in high school. The line goes something like this: remember, oh remember death. I also drew inspiration from the second coming of Christ. If Christ were to come back right now, would I be ready? Or would I have many regrets that I had yet to repent of? The basic meaning of the poem, is that if you were to die tomorrow, would Heaven be your destination? The intention of the poem, is to get each and every one of us to look at our lives and ask ourselves, am I living a life that will lead me to Heaven?

Sonnet One, If You Only Had Today

If you only had today, would be different?

Would you try to pray or even be good?

Perhaps you would even be more patient.

Maybe you would only act as you should.

Would you use your time to be as you could?

Remember, oh remember your piety.

Duty comes first, please do as you should.

Please, oh please don't flee.

Don't flee, please behave for me.

Will you do a virtuous deed?

Perhaps get on your knees?

Do something well for it is decreed.

You have only today, so save your breath.

Time flies, so please, remember death.

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