Poetry: The Big Bad Monster

There is a girl inside of me who knows who I am...

She harmonizes to the cries of my very existence,

Reading the scribes of my aching soul

All-knowing in my mind.

She dances through the nooks and crannies of my memories,

She is beautiful in her spirit,

She is bold and seeks justice.

Her love flows to depths of the world,

Her smile lights up the darkest storms,

Her energy is in abundance.

Euphoria caresses her in every moment!

This girl is buried deep within me

So far that she barely exists

She is veiled by the big dark monster in my mind

He is sneaky,


Almost invisible.

I can only feel his energy,

It's dark, cold, lonely.

Corroding my body...

His poison slows my love,

My individuality,

The songs of my soul.

The hope that I yearn to cling onto,

Very rarely do I see her anymore.

I don't hear the girl anymore,

I don't feel her anymore.

She is lost...

Occasionally, I hear the echoes of her calls,

A twinge of a smile curls in the corner of my lips.

It's a mournful smile...

I know she's gone,

All I want is for her to come back...

But he has her locked away somewhere,

And I can't find the key...

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