20 Poetry Prompts For National Poetry Month
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20 Poem Prompts To Celebrate National Poetry Month

Time to flex your creative muscles

20 Poem Prompts To Celebrate National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month is a yearly celebration of poetry, occurring each April, which was introduced in an effort to increase public appreciation of poetry. Poetry can seem pretty unapproachable if you've only been exposed to it in English classes, but it's actually a really relaxing and accessible form of self-expression. Even if you've never written poetry before, try your hand at it with one of these prompts--you might be surprised by how much you like it!

Write a poem where each line is a message to someone who isn't in your life anymore.


Imagine you are the size of an ant. Describe what you see/do.

Write a poem that's only one side of a conversation.

Write a poem that picks up where your last dream left off.


Write an apology to yourself.

Write an ode to an inanimate object that's within five feet of you right now.


Write a poem about two seemingly unrelated things. Find a way to relate them.

Write a poem using the words "core", "trumpet", and "prosperity".

Write a poem about a color. You cannot use the  name of the color or the word "color".


Write a poem where each line gets longer by one word.

Write a poem where the first word of each line starts with every other letter of the alphabet (A,C,E,G....).

Write a poem celebrating someone/something you dislike.


Write a poem from someone else's point of view.

Write a poem about the best day of your life. Only use negative descriptors.

Look out your window. Write a poem based on the next person you see walk by.

Write a poem about how it must feel to be a natural disaster (volcano eruption, hurricane, tornado).


Think of the last thing someone said to you. Write a poem that begins with those words.

Imagine your world without you in it. Write a poem about it.

Write a poem about love that isn't romantic.


Write a poem in the voice of yourself 20 years from now.

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