Poetry On Odyssey: Broken Glass

Broken glass piercing the toes of the little girl

whose parents couldn't get along.

Broken glass on the heated windshield

of a desperate destination unknown.

But have you ever looked into someone's eyes

and seen broken glass?

All the droplets in her eyes, shattered by the revile in her existence.

The kaleidoscope of colors all blurred

by the wretchedness that surrounds.

Broken glass in the eyes of a dreamer

who is constantly put last.

Broken glass in the eyes of a friend

who is ready to give up hope.

Broken glass in the eyes of a lover,

with a heart as big as her passion for others,

and beauty so hidden you failed to see.

Broken glass in the eyes of the woman

whose lungs filled up with smoke.

Her face filled with deprivation

of the air she no longer desired to breathe.

It was a bittersweet release,

from the discomfort of her existence.

Broken glass on the Cadillac’s back seat,

where her body lay.

It's not easy to see through broken glass.

When the glass is swept and the tears are dried,

all that remains are the remains

of the one who could have been, whole glass.

Uninterrupted while still fragile,

if only you could’ve seen through

broken glass.

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