Poetry On Odyssey: Unfaithful
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Poetry On Odyssey: Unfaithful

Hurt and betrayal, in fooling me, you always prevail.

Poetry On Odyssey: Unfaithful

Your name tastes sour now when I say it,

And yes I fell in love, I have no shame to admit,

I loved the things you said to me, you always called me amazing,

But wait I'm confused, did you not know that I loved you like crazy?

Did you think of my smile when you made it your goal to see hers?

It probably wasn't too hard, you know how good you are with words,

Did you think of my soft little hands as you intertwined yours with somebody else's?

I thought we were together, you were mine, or was I just being selfish?

Did you think of my lips when you pressed yours against hers?

I remember now, saying "oh you can be friends with her, I don't care, sure"

Did you think of the smell of my shampoo as you ran your fingers through her hair?

You said you loved the sweet scent of it when it flew wildly in the air,

Did you think of the sound of my heartbeat when I held you on bad days?

While you held her in your arms that night you told me you couldn't stay,

Did you think of my giggle, you know, that "cute little sound?"

That day you said I looked great, then left later with the girl who gets around,

Did you think of the times you'd say "I love you," and my cheeks would turn red?

Did you think of my response "I love you too" as you laid her down on your bed?

Did you think about how excited I would get any chance I was given to see you?

As you had another girl pleased, laying underneath you?

Did you care to think of my reaction when I would find out about your lies?

Or were you too busy thinking about getting in between her thighs?

Did you care to think about my heart and how it would break?

Or did you just plan on saying, "sorry, I love you – it was a mistake,"

Did you care to think of your awful actions causing me emotional damage?

Or did you think I'd let you off easy, because for your love, you knew I was famished,

Did you care to think of the fact that I will never be able to trust another man?

Or were your thoughts too occupied with sexual desire, apparently you needed a helping hand,

Did you think of me at all?

When late at night she'd call?

Time after time you would go to her and stay there all night,

While I stayed home in tears, wondering what I did to make you not reply,

Did you think of me, your girlfriend, the one who gave you anything you wanted?

I guess not, I heard that girl talking about you, and believe me – she flaunted,

I guess everyone knew and saw it coming, besides me,

Silly, stupid me, I hoped for a while that you would just think,

Maybe I made our whole relationship something it wasn't in my head,

My mistake, I guess you could say I was misled,

I do recall you saying that you loved me,

But it obviously meant nothing to you, jokes on me, you're funny


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