Poetry On Odyssey: When The One You Want Doesn't Want You

It's over. The beautiful love story that you thought was going to go far came to a startling end too soon.

Your heart is broken. Shattered to smithereens. Blasted apart at ground zero of an atomic blast.

You weren't ready for it to end. He never gave it a chance. He put everything else first. He didn't get to see the best of you yet.

It was only at the beginning. There was so much more to come.

You don't understand why. You weren't given a reason, and you have no closure.

You just know that you don't have him.

And he is what you want.

He is all that you want.

You can't stop the feelings that you have.

It was so easy for him to just leave. He just went on with life and forgot all about you.

Like you never existed.

But you did exist and you are left…

Without him.

How can you be giddy with the excitement of new love one day and be so crushed the next?

How can you just go on and forget?

You mourn what you lost. You mourn what you didn't get to have.

You mourn him.

You can't stop the feelings that you have. You can't lie to yourself. Your heart just knows the truth all too well.

It's one of the worst feelings in the world, wanting someone you can't have.

Knowing he doesn't want you. That he doesn't even miss you. That he doesn't care. That he never did.

And due to circumstances you have to see him every day.




The knife twists like a sadistic horror story. Every day it slowly twists. Every day deeper it cuts, gutting the most delicate parts of you.

Seeing him every day and knowing that he'll never be yours.

It's the worst feeling.

And all you can do is dream.

And wish for him…

… but never have him.

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