Poetry on Odyssey : The One For Me

He’s the top of his class

Definitely passed

A girlfriend of almost three years

As in love as they appear

Full ride to the college of his choice

He definitely rejoiced

Set up for life after college,

Full of knowledge.

His Catholic faith carried him through.

Sometimes it was all he knew,

Strong and set in place,

It came from his base.

This guy is amazing and sweet

When it comes to humbleness, he can’t be beat

He’s amazing in every possible way

The writer of this poem is not lead astray,

When she says she loves him every day.

She’s crazy about him.

When it comes to the relationship, they are both all in.

“He deserves the world”

A thought she had while curled

Up next to him heading down the road

I didn't feel sad.

I could do this for the rest of my life,

Being by your side.

I love you,

You know.

Sappy, I know, this may be

But it's for you, not for me.

Two different souls we are,

Even though it may seem bizarre,

I believe you are the one for me,

You see.

Three years of bliss have come upon us,

But it hasn't been without a fuss.

Fights have come and gone,

But they are now done.

You are my love, my world, and my life

You keep me safe.

For being in college, our relationship can be childish

Especially when my skin is looking a bit reddish!

I think 43 lines is enough

but I don't think it was *too* rough!

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