Poetry On Odyssey: Musing

Poetry On Odyssey: Musing

I wondered if she ever made it to Paris.


Today I saw a woman on the bus

She walked like the weight of time was tied around her neck

Her skin was creased like worn paper and had an orange hue to it

I am pretty sure it was the $20 dollar tan

Her hair the color of burned toast so thinned out by the years of using chemicals hung limply on her scalp like a dying man clinging to life however futile, I wondered if they still stood up when she felt excitement.

As she slowly took her seat I wondered,

I wondered if she ever made it to Paris, if she saw the rolling hills of Scotland and danced on the green fields of Ireland

Did she see the world like she promised herself she would as a little girl clutching her red teddy

I wondered if she told the boy that made her giggle that she loved him and if he loved her back

Did she finally get that house in the country along with that truck she always wanted

I wondered if the world finally saw her as beautiful and if she finally saw beauty when she looked at her reflection

I wondered if the world gave just as much as it took from her

Did she ever find her tribe

As I wondered all this I saw her get down at a bus stop just as slowly as she came on and in her place was a young girl with skin the color of walnuts and eyes the color of melted chocolate her hair which hung all the way down to her waist was weaved perfectly into braids, her skin was smooth like cocoa butter and it glowed like the sun had personally kissed it,

She walked into the bus like the world owed her something,

As she raised her phone to check her reflection I knew she wanted the world to see her as beautiful

As I slowly put my phone down, I giggled because of something the cute boy beside me had whispered and for a split second I wondered if I had just seen the future

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A Playlist From The iPod Of A Middle Schooler In 2007

I will always love you, Akon.

Something happened today that I never thought in a million years would happen. I opened up a drawer at my parents' house and I found my pink, 4th generation iPod Nano. I had not seen this thing since I graduated from the 8th grade, and the headphones have not left my ears since I pulled it out of that drawer. It's funny to me how music can take you back. You listen to a song and suddenly you're wearing a pair of gauchos, sitting on the bleachers in a gym somewhere, avoiding boys at all cost at your seventh grade dance. So if you were around in 2007 and feel like reminiscing, here is a playlist straight from the iPod of a middle schooler in 2007.

1. "Bad Day" — Daniel Powter

2. "Hips Don't Lie" — Shakira ft. Wyclef Jean

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3. "Unwritten" — Natasha Bedingfield

4. "Run It!" — Chris Brown

5. "Girlfriend" — Avril Lavigne

6. "Move Along" — All-American Rejects

7. "Fergalicious" — Fergie

8. "Every Time We Touch" — Cascada

9. "Ms. New Booty" — Bubba Sparxxx

10. "Chain Hang Low" — Jibbs

11. "Smack That" — Akon ft. Eminem

12. "Waiting on the World to Change" — John Mayer

13. "Stupid Girls" — Pink

14. "Irreplaceable" — Beyonce

15. "Umbrella" — Rihanna ft. Jay-Z

16. "Don't Matter" — Akon

17. "Party Like A Rockstar" — Shop Boyz

18. "This Is Why I'm Hot" — Mims

19. "Beautiful Girls" — Sean Kingston

20. "Bartender" — T-Pain

21. "Pop, Lock and Drop It" — Huey

22. "Wait For You" — Elliot Yamin

23. "Lips Of An Angel" — Hinder

24. "Face Down" — Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

25. "Chasing Cars" — Snow Patrol

26. "No One" — Alicia Keys

27. "Cyclone" — Baby Bash ft. T-Pain

28. "Crank That" — Soulja Boy

29. "Kiss Kiss" — Chris Brown

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30. "Lip Gloss" — Lil' Mama

Cover Image Credit: http://nd01.jxs.cz/368/634/c6501cc7f9_18850334_o2.jpg

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Citizen Is An Indie-Rock Band You Need To Know

They'll give you that 90s feeling & sound in modern day.


If you love Alternative grunge sounding music, there are many reasons why you should check out a band called Citizen. For those of you that are not familiar, Citizen is a band that is described to have many genres. Their debut album 'Youth' was released in 2013. I immediately caught interest since I'm a huge fan of the genre of pop-punk and indie rock. With other bands beside them such as 'The Story So Far', 'Turnover', and 'You Blew It' there was a huge possibility that I would get immediately hooked on Citizen for just their creativity.

Listening to 'Youth', I was in a very confusing time in my life. After my freshman year in college, I was not quite sure what was going to come next. I was constantly dealing with endless anxiety, and I did not know why I was always worrying all the time. I assume that most of it came from transferring on time since my plan was to go to community college than a four-year institution.

In the beginning, I was not quite sure how to handle my social life, my schoolwork, and working my part-time job every day on top of that. It was pretty chaotic and endless to say I was losing control of my life and everything around it. Also, I was constantly losing sleep because I was always up late doing homework trying to finish it for the next morning. I was headed for disaster, but I tried to play it off that I had everything under control.

There were all these thoughts in my mind that revolved around the whole 'What If…' question. That question was mostly asked because I had no idea what was in store for me. One night when I was up late doing homework, I was playing my usual Pandora station that I always play.

The next song that came on was from Citizen, and the song was called 'Drown'. It was off their Split EP they put out a year before 'Youth' with the band Turnover. One of my friends from Ohio was always talking about them, so I decided to take a full listen to the album myself. Not to mention watching their full set from the 2013 Vans Warped Tour. A set that I'm now regretting not going to since I did not know much about them. To me, Youth became an instant classic for my life that I felt was falling apart and confusing.

Some of my favorite tracks off the album include 'Sleep', 'How Does It Feel?', 'Sick & Impatient', 'Figure You Out', and 'Speaking with a Ghost'. With its 90s sounding angst and grunge-like feeling, it allowed the band to capture an audience of both pop-punk and regular Alternative.

With lyrics that dug so deep into my 19-year-old chest, I scream all of them out when no one's around without a care in the world. It's scary with how relatable they are, yet it is an album that came at the exact right time in the right place. Their follow up 'Everybody Is Going To Heaven' in 2015 it became more clear that the band was expanding their indie-rock sound with more grunge type of themes.

Their latest 'As You Please' was released allowing a more mature nature with the same themes. If you're like me, and you feel that things are confusing as hell and you don't know what to do about it, listen to a band like Citizen because trust me, they are the most important voice that you can listen to in the rough times that you are dealing with. I'm glad that I found out about Citizen, and I hope that soon they continue to gain more recognition from others. I sure hope that they catch your attention as well.

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