I'll miss all the freckles that dance on my nose

I'll miss the warm sunshine and how the corn grows,

I'll miss my flyaway locks of spun-honey gold,

I'll miss jumping in leaves and the air growing cold.

I'll miss boots on my feet and braids in my hair,

I'll miss costumes and pumpkins and candy to share,

I'll miss Nana's pie when thankfulness thrives,

I'll miss those first snowflakes when winter arrives.

I'll miss the late night when we set up the tree,

I'll miss all my family smiling at me,

I'll miss the big snowman who resides on our lawn,

I'll miss the mud when the snow's finally gone.

I'll miss those first robins, chirping with glee,

I'll miss the pink buds that bloom on our tree,

I'll miss being yelled at to get out of bed,

I'll miss all the poems and books that I read.

I'll miss our piano—its bench always out,

I'll miss the thunder and light all about,

I'll miss my neat closet with dresses and skirts,

I'll miss when my pjs were over-sized shirts.

I'll miss sitting up in the chair at the pool,

I'll miss every friend I made in high school,

I'll miss my mom and my dad and my dog,

I'll miss my siblings—seven bumps on a log.

I'll miss my carpet and four purple walls,

I'll miss when my brother sings in the halls,

I'll miss having Pinterest projects to plan,

I'll miss driving 'round in our big, ugly van.

I'll miss all I have and I'll prob'ly miss more,

I'll even miss things I've not thought of before.

I'll miss all my missing the guy I've not met,

I'll miss how he's missing not meeting me yet.

I know the world has not come to an end,

I'm turning a corner, rounding a bend,

They say that I'd miss how I'm gaining more knowledge,

I act like I'm dying, but I'm going to college.