Poetry On Odyssey: Love, Lent Season, And Learn


It is felt but not seen

It’s a mother’s hug, warmth and care

It’s a father’s strong shoulders where his children sits

It’s a sister’s blunt advice that no one wants to hear

It’s a brother’s joke when you need a laugh

It’s a cousin’s sleepover when you need a clear head

It’s a friend’s listening ear when you are down

It’s a grandparent’s wisdom when you have no clue

It’s a grandchildren’s innocence when you need to go back to childhood years

It’s a teacher’s modeling for future generations

It’s God’s utmost purpose for your life

Lent Season,

It’s a quiet time

To call God’s name

In 40 days

Of contemplation,

Fasting, and making clean

Of old habits and the start of being anew

In physical body, and the spirit

To get closer to the Heavenly Father

As we remember the reason why He died for us.


We fail and get back up

Isn’t that what the purpose of life is?

We learn when we fall

Persevere when we stand tall

Pursuing our life’s call

When we discover what we like

Working with all our might

Hoping our goals are in sight

And finally achieving our life’s purpose

Because that’s what learning is all about.

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