Poetry On Odyssey: In Tandem

Poetry On Odyssey: In Tandem

For the time we snuck around together


Baby breathes in iambs unlike your soft spokenness

And I can feel your hand on the small of my back.

We won't kiss unless you say so.

I told you I giggle when I am nervous.

There are speed limits in hallways we walk

And I learned last night from a girl who is friends with one I know,

Girls can only take Plan B and go bowling twice in their lives.

Kiss me before you turn on the main road,

And ease up on the gas.

Baby, I read about a girl like me too young to touch, thinking of things too late.

I felt our distance when we walked.

I know I'm too hasty.

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Who Should Pay On The First Date?

Let's settle this, once and for all.


You would think, since it's already 2019, that people would have better first-date etiquette. Nope! I'm still baffled how many guys and girls alike still can't seem to wrap their heads around the basic rules and expectations of the dreaded first date.

I should add that these rules should also apply to second and third dates, and so on unless you and your partner come up with another mutual agreement!

I cannot put this any more simply: WHOEVER ASKS THE OTHER OUT ON THE DATE IS PAYING. Plain and simple. Ladies and gentlemen, if you ask a girl or guy out on a date, you are offering to pay! Now, let me follow this up by saying that you must clarify that it is a date for this rule to apply! Ladies, don't get offended if a guy asks you to meet up at Starbucks to study and he doesn't pay for your coffee! However, if your date asks you out, takes you to a nice restaurant, or even McDonalds, and you are on what is very clearly a romantic date, and they ask if it's cool to split the check at the end of the meal? It's done. Over. Chivalry cannot already be dead, people!

There is an easy solution for those who are asking someone else out, but who don't want to pick up the tab: let them know beforehand! When you text or call to ask them out, just ask and see if they're cool with splitting the check! I get it, it could be a little awkward, but if you're really interested in someone, who you could see yourself going on a second date with, don't hit them with the "separate checks, please," when the waiter comes to your table after the meal!

Another first date mistake I have heard about people making before: not bringing money or any form of payment to the date so that the other person is forced to pay. First of all, there are so many things wrong with that. For one thing, the person you're meeting might do the same, and then you're both in trouble when neither of you can pick up the tab at the end of your date! Secondly, unless your date has assured you beforehand that they're going to pay, not bringing cash or a card because you're expecting your date to pay is so incredibly rude!

On the other hand, I do have to address those who do ask someone out and then refuse to pay at the end of the meal. I just have one question, really: WHY?? I can sort of understand if it's a girl who asks a guy out and doesn't realize she might be expected to pay since most women have been raised to expect any man they see to pay for everything on a date. However, to any guy currently alive in the 21st century who asks a girl out on a proper date to a nice restaurant then doesn't pick up the tab, he's fooling himself. However, as I wrote before, if you know that you can't or won't pick up the tab before the date, then just let your date know before you meet up, so they're not caught off-guard, possibly without any way to pay!

To wrap all these rules up, just don't expect the other person to pick up the whole tab, no matter what, and give someone the benefit of the doubt when they can't or don't pay for your meal! It all comes down to common courtesy, respect, and understanding, so next time you go on a date, do your best to extend these to the person you're seeing!

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