Poetry On Odyssey: I pray
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Poetry On Odyssey: I pray

There's too may things I pray for but nonetheless, I pray.

Poetry On Odyssey: I pray

Poetry can be interpreted in a million different ways. You can read it how it applies to you in your life or you can try to figure out what the author meant. I invite you to first read my poem, come up with your own conclusion, and then read below it to see my explanation.

I pray that one day

My baby niece will be happy

With herself and

Know her self worth.

I pray that one day

Justice gets served

And people get what they deserve.

I pray that one day

People can rejoice in others'


And stop judging others

If their lives become messes.

I pray that one day

We can empathize with one another

To be able to hear and love each-other

As if they were your best friend or brother.

I pray that one day

I can love my children and

Be a better version of my mother.

There's too may things I pray for

But nonetheless

I pray.

This poem is very straight forward as far as the explanation. It comes from a new collection of poems I am working on called "Utopia". In it, I base all my poems off the type of reality I would love to be living in. The other poems reflect how my life would be if I felt a way I didn't currently feel now or if something in my life had gone a different way. A utopia is a an imagined place where it is your idea of a perfect world. Had things either gone my way or happened another way, these poems are my thoughts about it.

Like I said, this particular poem is very straight forward. I am straight up about my utopia and what I pray for and what I wish my life can be. I mention my niece because she is growing up so fast and as she gets to develop, I want to make sure she is raised to be tough and confident.

After observing so many incidents in the news of tragedies, I write about how I want justice to be served even though we can see that not in every occasion it is. I always pray for people to be happy and to be safe and things for work out in the best way for people.

People being negative and wanting to take advantage of others isn't anything new. In this poem I write how I pray that people can start to rejoice in others' success so we can all lift each other up instead of wishing the worst on people. Envy is a real emotion that can be so dangerous. We need to empower each other in order to rise up. If you feel the need to hurt someone's success for the sake of your own, you're going about life super wrong.

People can be cold and heartless. The lack of empathy in people is shocking. I believe that empathy is something that makes people human. You don't need to have been in the same situation as people to console them and be there for them but you can understand that what they're going through and be able to want to help even if it's just emotionally. People tend to only care about what affects them and their life and forget that there are other humans in this world. The world doesn't revolve around you and your life. There are billions of other people who can use at least your empathy. Empathy can be empowering because it can push you to lead and help out.

At the end, I mention the idea of being a parent. I have no idea what it's like and I can only imagine how hard it must be. I do not, in any way, lower my mom by saying I want to be a better version of her. I do not mean that as saying that she wasn't enough for me or she didn't do a great job of being a mother. She even told me herself that she wishes that in my life I can do more than she has done whether that's in school, work, or family. I want to be like her in some ways but adjust it and make myself better because of her.

No matter what happens in life, I find comfort in praying and talking to God. Some people say it's useless and doesn't do anything but I seriously beg to differ. Praying has gotten me out of crazy times and even saved me in so many ways.

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