Poetry On Odyssey: If Only You Knew What Remains In The Dark Alleys

If only you knew what remains in the dark alleys

My mind is a concrete wilderness of complications

A blocked entry soul

With grouted wooden floor tiles

And bemused wonderless affections roaming the air

Impotent to its spontaneous waterfall of color

An intoxicated sunflower plummets its petals into a meadow of incertitude

Unfulfilled with the mediocre day of light

Lingering for the sun to disappear under the horizon

Preparing to divulge ineptitude

I'm drowning in sleep

And I can't breathe

Because you're constantly reminding me of how you don't care

How the sun doesn't shine over those who sin

The earth is swallowing the last shining star


With a heartless chest

And a long afternoon of regret

I wanna love

Shout to the moon

And crack into the inner core of its spirit

Before the sun rises, and I'm exposed again

I wanna tell you that I love you

That you matter the most to me

And I will beg to you

Just so you realize that I'm not lying to you

I wanna sing and dance

Close my eyes

Surf into a crowd of strangers

And mosh until my knee caps bruise

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