Poetry about Spring

I was inspired to write this after taking a walk around Marquette the beginning of the month. The sun was shining and the sky was blue. It was clear to me that Winter was behind us and we could soon look forward to the, rather short, Summer. Marquette is a very unique and wonderful place and this poem is how I would describe the current weather here.


It's a lovely town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan,

Home to Presque Isle, the Ore Dock, and Northern Michigan University.

To me, this is my second home.

Almost eight hours away from my actual home.

Winter here is from November to May,

Or so it feels like.

I could go on all day about the cold weather we have-

Or how the snow buries your car,

How you get an extra week off of school because of the cold...

Anything and everything cold, we know it in Marquette.

But I don't want to talk about that, oh no,

I want to talk about something even more wonderful,


Marquette Spring.

It is the most unique time of year,

While the Winter is not officially gone,

Yet Summer is not quite here,

Spring is that wonderful balance.

We still have mountains of snow,

Although the snow bunny white is no longer in the pallet,

But a greasy grey that covers the horizon.

While the snow is no longer pretty,

There are other things that are.

Like the trees, beginning to finally burst

From the Winter freeze.

Or Lake Superior, still icy cold,

Yet breaking free from the ice.

It seems as though each day is a different color

For the sky.

Blue, grey, blue, grey, blue, grey, blue.

It is a pattern we have grown used to and

As long as snow isn't falling,

Nobody really minds.

While a sweatshirt is still a necessity,

You no longer have to worry about bundling up.

But then again,

It is Michigan,

You'll never know what you are going to get.

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