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Poetry On Odyssey: You Say

You say you feel as though you are nothing. I say no, you are everything.


You say you are as boring as a regular cup of coffee. I say you are a vanilla latte, steamed to perfection with the strongest, smoothest espresso a coffee machine can muster, with a heart designed from foam, in a ceramic cup, with a silver spoon that shines almost as bright as your smile.

You say you feel as ignored as a white crayon. I say, "lucky for you, I prefer to color on black paper." Sometimes those who are given the least deserve the most.

You are my work of art. You are my Mona Lisa, my muse. You are tempera paint: strong and vibrant. You are also watercolor: translucent and vulnerable. You are a sculpture; molded perfectly to the last detail. You are DaVinci's dream.

You say you wish the waves in your hair would straighten. I say your waves are the ocean, gently rocking back and forth against the wind, occasionally creating a storm. Those who sail your way will never forget your legacy.

You say you wish that for once, you would mean the world to someone. I say you mean the universe to me. In a heartbeat, I would travel 46 billion light years from the edge of the universe just to show up on your doorstep with flowers in one hand, ready to take your hand in the other.

To say you mean the world to me would be a tragic understatement. It would be like calling the Pacific Ocean a puddle, like comparing a galaxy to a continent. You are much more than you will ever comprehend.

You say you wish to have blue eyes like mine. I say your brown eyes radiate life. They are the nutrient-rich soil that support the beautiful vegetation this world has to offer.

They are the chocolate sauce on top of an ice cream sundae. They are two quartz stones that I would trade every diamond in the world for, just to look at them for only a second.

I will never stop loving you until all the stripes in the rainbow run gray. Until the sun becomes a dwarf star. Until every ocean runs dry. Until art is no longer used as a form of expression. Until this Earth gives up, I won't give up.

You say you feel as though you are nothing. I say no, you are everything.

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7 Things Every Real Taylor Swift Fan Knows Will 100 Percent Happen On TS7



On April 13th, Taylor Swift posted on her Instagram a picture with the caption "4.26"... since then, every post since has had the same caption, and fans have been theorizing ever since.

1. It's going to be very different from "Reputation"

Looking at her current pastel Instagram theme, it is very, very different than dark, mysterious vibe from her "Reputation" days.

2. This will be one of Taylor's happiest albums yet

Taylor has stayed out of the media for the most part since the release of "Reputation", and I believe that she's enjoyed her time, focusing on her music, friends, family, and relationships during this downtime.

3. This album will reflect on her childhood

In 2016, in an interview with Glamour magazine, Taylor revealed that she was bullied in school, and her mom would often take her to T.J.Maxx after school to look at the opal jewelry in order to cheer her up. On April 14th, she posted a picture of jewelry, including opal. Also, one could say that her current Instagram profile picture has an opal tone to it. These could be hints to Taylor tapping into her childhood for her newest album. Oh, and she dressed up as a "childhood hero" for a New Year's Eve party...

4. ...But also focus on moving forward

From her fresh, pastel Instagram theme to the flowers, butterflies, and overall springy vibes, Taylor has an airy, happy vibe that yells fresh, new life. Perhaps the album will also focus on her rising above everything from "Reputation" and all of the new things in her life.

5. It's going to have hidden eggs placed within the lyrics

All Swift fans know that Taylor loves to play games and create puzzles for us to figure out leading up to album releases. Why does the album itself have to be any different? Hopefully TS7 will have hidden gems in it as well...

6. Jack Antonoff and Max Martin will be back

Jack and Max have been with Taylor since "1989," and I don't think they're going anywhere. If they made it through the sound shift between Swift's 5th and 6th albums, they can work with whatever new ideas Taylor comes up with.

7. If the old Taylor is dead, I think TS7 will be when the new Taylor fully emerges

There's been some butterfly emojis and imagery flying around on Taylor's Instagram, and in a way, I think TS7 will be Taylor emerging from her cocoon of sorts into a butterfly. "Reputation" showed that she was capable of change, and this new album will show a more mature version of Taylor.

Chances are all of these are 100% wrong... but hey, it's fun to theorize while we wait for her new single/album to drop on April 26th.

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