This poem was in my small book of poems I keep; I always wondered what it would be like to grow up and have a daughter to see who she would be, so taking this idea I wrote this poem.

To My Future Daughter

I wonder my dear child who your father shall be like

I hope he's tall enough that he's filled every day with humble and joy

That he will take your hand and raise you right

While being the knight in shining armor you need

I pray he tucks you in and says your amen's every night

I wonder how your eyes will appear

Should they be browning almonds on top of a fresh pastry

Or oceans of blue and green cascading onto the shore to meet your feet

Maybe they will ooze with the beauty of caramel

Will you be strong like your papa

Or maybe a smart ass like your ma

Will your hair have ringlets or curls,

like a perfect orchestra that is playing in tune

Or straight as the tip of a wooden board

Will your skin be as white as a snow

Brown as the perfect milk chocolate bar

Or as dark as the beautiful sand in the Hawaiian Islands

Will your smile be the light in the day someone needs

Following with the kindness that bleeds

Dear Remmy Oliver I hope you love me,

I sure will,

Your one day mum