In first grade I would always say

that when I grew up I wanted to be

a hairdresser or first grade teacher,

no question asked.

I didn't worry about the pay

or the prestige,

I followed what my heart tasked.

As our soul weathers society

and our years wither by,

the ability to dream

simply runs dry.

Expectations of others

steal our dove hearts

and cage them up in conformity

instead of letting our passions free.

We tell ourselves its realism

when in reality its just a box

where we contain our insecurities

and settle for the faux

version of ourselves.

So dare to dream of being

that hairdresser or teacher

or even dream of more

without shame or worry

knocking at your door.

Vividly picture the house on the hill

with the kids running around

or backpacking Europe,

your feet always hitting new grounds

or the college class you will one day teach

or the Sunday sermon you long the preach

Dare to dream it all, big and small.

Because your future self

will look back and either say

you played it safe and paved your way,

but your passion never flew.

Or day by day you dreamed

and slowly came into the "You"

God grew from the start,

as he relentlessly pursued your heart.