Poetry on Odyssey: Building Love Together
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Poetry on Odyssey: Building Love Together

For Sara

Poetry on Odyssey: Building Love Together
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Rumi said once:

"This is Love: to fly toward a secret sky,

to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment.

First to let go of life.

Finally, to take a step

without feet."

As we fly toward that secret sky, my love

Let us grow first as sunflowers, reaching to God above

With veils falling round our gliding feet

Let us seek to understand the new world around us

Shall we take our hands off the rail of our old life apart,

And build new lives together?

Shall we take that last step together,

on our journey towards the rewards of Heaven?

In each piece there is love, in each blow of the hammer

a chorus of angels comes together in harmony!

Our life begins to take shape, from simple tables

and comfy chairs, to intricate watches and houses

with which we will reside together.

Upon our firm foundation shall grow new life,

From the timbers of our house of love

shall sprout rays of sunshine,

Tempered by tears

A relationship is like a house. In order for it to be successful, it must be well built. Otherwise you will spend your whole life repairing it, or you will let it go until it has rotted away. Within Christian culture, relationships should also be built with God in mind, knowing that no matter how small a dwelling or relationship is, there is always room for Him to be there with you. The quote from Rumi I think describes the abundance of trust, curiosity, intimacy and openness that is necessary for love of any kind to thrive in a relationship.

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