Poetry On Odyssey: I Know Many People

This is a poem that I wrote a while ago that I have recently revised. It's special to me because of how all of these "people" changed my life. Each of them has become like a close friend and some even helped me through rough times.

I will never forget and never stop thanking them for all they have done. They shaped me into the person I am today and they always and forever will hold a place in my heart.

I hope you enjoy and can relate in some way.

I Know Many People

I know an alien from time and space.

A River was their closest companion.

They had the ability to change their face

And has suffered things you couldn't imagine.

I know a pair of brothers

And a fallen angel of the Lord.

They dedicate their lives to helping others,

Protecting them iron, salt, and sword.

I know a highly functioning sociopath

He lives on Baker Street

With his friend who suffers war's wrath.

They are the best sleuths you will ever meet.

I know a boy, part mortal, part god

Thrown into a world, a boy among men.

The extent of his powers is very broad.

Defending the world with a transformer pen

As for witches and wizards, I know a bunch.

The Chosen One with a lightning scar,

A red-headed family who don't have much,

And the brightest witch of her age, by far

I know a greedy Scrooge, who is growing old.

He'd lost all he held dearest

And turned his heart cold.

His soul was saved, by three Christmas spirits

I lost a woman who dreamed a dream,

A girl whose love was a personal illusion,

A man who broke parole to be redeemed,

And many who died for the French revolution.

I lost the Half-Blood Prince,

A loving, free house-elf,

One of the joking twins,

And a loyal owl who sacrificed herself

I know and knew many people

But they sadly never knew me

Yet I still think they're all special

For they are fictional, you see

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