Poem Kabah

Poetry: A Girl In Makkah

Trying to recognize what made her special...


She walked aboard with tears in her eyes

To the answer of her Duaas, an honorable prize

Fastened to a chair, exhaling nervous air

Flying through the skies

Trying to recognize what made her special

Her heart fluttered high above the plane's level

Her heart shuddered and her words stuttered

Praises to the lord most high were what she uttered

Her heart froze and her tears flowed

As she approached the place she turned to every day

She walked in the footsteps of the righteous and hoped to meet them one day


She looked up.

Time seemed to hold up

Her mind started to speed up

Her hands began to shake

Her heart began to quake

and her soul began to ache

She let out a heavy yearning awe-inspired sigh

Even though everything inside of her was going haywire

She made Duaa

and it felt like peace and mercy were gushing out the seems of her heart

May Allah bring all of us to his home.

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