Here is a short poem and my general view of our world today. The focus of the poem is to say that our current reality is far from the wanted "fantasy."

What if there were a world with no commotion?

And what if there were no such thing as fear?

Let me make one thing clear:

There cannot be sadness or racket.

For those are the rules, no exceptions.

Where will we ever be able to find such a place on this planet?

The problems lie in our own depth perceptions.

This society will never be familiar to me.

Maybe someday instead of beating each other,

We will act like we are part of one another.

Or maybe when hope is needed,

Tears vanish and we finally feel completed.

But not just as an individual, but

Together, as one person.

At least, isn't that the goal?

We're not determined,

But even so,

How can we even change what's already been broken?

It's not impossible but difficult

To release all the faults we've been holding.

But if we did, that means success, not just a miracle.

Let's justify our actions, quit foreboding

As if there's no chance or too difficult

To fix, but instead, keep going.

There's no acting as if all of this is opposite from reality

Because this world is known as a fantasy.