Sometimes, my mood swings become absolutely exhausting. This piece was inspired by my feelings surrounding how these mood swings change my self-perception, and the way I interact with the people around me. I've always had a problem with that they would push those around me away because they'd like some more stable "weather".

A Breakdown of the Seasons

There is a fear that I am too much like the weather;
a harsh and ever-changing being.
Uncontrollable at best.
Sometimes I am a warm spring day.
Blooming with flowers and good intentions, creating everything and
becoming new again with the rains that fall.
Sometimes I am a sultry summer day.
An unforgiving heat that even cherry red ice pops and childhood sprinklers cannot touch;
the kind that leaves everything washed out and dull, praying for any means of
relief from the feverous onslaught of unadulterated heat.
Sometimes I am a brisk Autumn day.
The kind that creates an empty feeling in your chest, leaving you to
silently pray for a mild winter as everything falls around you.
Uncertain if your heart can handle getting any colder.
Sometimes I am a frigid winter day.
In mid-January, when the warmth of spring feels just as distant as
the dog days of summer.
Leaving you bored and breathless by the cold. A blanket of ice coating everything- including the warmth you're so
used to basking in around those you adore.
I will keep insisting that the weather channel is more trustworthy than my mood.
I will learn to accept the fact that people move to warmer climates for a reason. I will learn to embrace the truth that I cannot always be a warm spring day.