A Poem For A F*ckboy
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A Poem For A F*ckboy

Because we all have one.

A Poem For A F*ckboy
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Players. We all know one, we've all been there. In this day and age especially there's quite a number of them out there. Dating has now turned more into a hookup culture, bringing the best players to the field. I've known too many friends that have been burned and have heard too many sob stories about being screwed with, mine included. For some reason, it's just really easy to be sucked in and led on by these people, and for long periods of time too. I could be using that time and energy to study (more likely nap and watch Netflix). Personally, I'm sick of all of it, so obviously, the healthy way of dealing with my feelings is to turn them into a poem and post it publicly, right?

Roses are bright red,

Violets are dark blue,

I do regretfully admit,

that I was very into you

It honestly was hard not to be,

with your charisma, looks and smile,

the confidence and jokes threw me off,

You had me hooked for a good while.

But that’s the danger isn’t it?

Things aren’t always as they seem,

It took me a long time, but now I realize,

that what you gave me was a scheme.

I really did have hope,

that maybe you were different from the rest,

I would’ve never guessed you’re a player,

and actually the best of the very best.

A cheater and a liar,

a wolf under sheep’s clothing,

that’s what you are, aren't you,

now do you understand my loathing?

I’m not the first girl you’ve done this to,

And I can guarantee I won’t be the last,

So listen closely my dear fuckboy,

to these final words about our past.

I am not sad, depressed, or hurt,

Oh no, I’m fed up, angry, and done,

The chains on my mood swing just snapped,

So you better turn and freakin run.

From each time you led me on,

to every time you kept me tied,

screw you and all your acting,

and for all the times you lied.

You think you’re high and mighty,

you think you’re smooth and slick,

I think we can all agree though…

you’re compensating for your dick

To all my women out there,

that are trapped by a player’s lies,

take a second and finally realize,

you’re heading to your demise.

I’m sick and tired of all you players,

trying to make more scores on your list,

so take some advice, listen close,

please ram your face into my fist.

You’re a boy pretending to be a man,

trying but failing to pull of this feat,

we women deserve someone much better,

not someone who treats us like meat.

Please get it through your head,

that girls don’t want your sad, shallow bit,

we want someone genuine, kind and smart,

not the human manifestation of shit

So goodbye and fare well,

I’m kicking you out the door.

Here’s my warning to my fellow ladies,

that you’re a massive man whore.

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