Poetry On Odyssey: "Home"

Home is where your heart is, or so I've been told.

It's not in buildings, places, things. It's in people, moments, memories, experiences.

I could never fathom how anything other than your house was "home"

until I met you.

Suddenly and unexpectedly I began to find little things that filled my heart

with a feeling that I couldn't quite shake.

Your smile could fill up any room.

Your eyes pulled me into the deepest oceans,

falling under waves of water.

The way you care so deeply about your passions

moved me to new ends.

I couldn't get enough of your enthusiasm and inspiration.

I began to learn more about me through you

Home is different to everyone.

It is the way I feel when I open a new untouched journal

and begin to spill my thoughts onto the page.

It is hearing the songs of my favorite band

and belting the words as loud as the world can bear to stand.

Home is friends that stay with you to the end.

Family that will love you unconditionally.

A lover that holds you tight.

Home is loving myself more than I've ever loved anything ever.

I can never thank you enough

for teaching me this lesson.

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