A Poem for Depression and Hope

I wrote this poem to clearly show how debilitating depression can be and how mentally and emotionally draining it is. I wrote this to convey the thoughts of someone with depression: the pain, the agony, the scariness of the situation. I wanted to write something that would not only show how horrible depression is, but also that there is almost always a way out. This "pinhole of light" I refer to in the poem is always there. And though it may sometimes be hard to see or find, if you just breathe, you can make it.

Depression kills.

I have seen every person I've ever loved

Lined up cold, lifeless.

Murders of proportions

Only my brain can create.

I am bound,

Tied together with ropes

Of despair and thoughts of the end.

The end, it might seem,

Would be the final breath of suffering.

The final breath that

Would allow me to live again.

i can see the light,

That is just a pinhole

Within the infinite darkness.

A universe among black space,

A universe where I am alive again.

I wait for it.

I breathe it in.

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