The summer is coming to an end. Families and couples are making last minute trips to nearby beaches or just getting back from lazy vacations on some of the most beautiful all inclusive resorts. Summer can be fancy and complex. Months of savings can be depleted in just a few short weeks. But in Maryland, there are endless local activities that are fun-filled and provide the soul with a joy parallel to getting another stamp on your passport.

In Monkton, a small town about 50 miles northwest of Baltimore city, visitors can go tubing or kayaking along the gunpowder river or bike on the trails. When the weather is scorching, put on your cool, ultra absorbent garments and make your way up or down the narrow, snaky roads that lead to the heart of the town.

There is another small gem that I personally find to be quite interesting. It's the Millstone Cidery. The establishment offers free tours and tastings daily that are given by friendly and knowledgeable staff members. Visitors will learn about the history of the structure and the detailed process of making the ciders. Millstone offers ciders, meads, and cysers-- a combination of mead and ciders. Most of their offerings taste similar to dry white wines. If you prefer tart to sweet, I would highly suggest checking out their ciders. All can be enjoyed cold during spring and summer or warm on a chilly, cold evening in the fall or winter.

Of course there other options for my wine and whiskey connoisseurs. Summer's almost over, but many of Maryland's vineyards host seasonal festivals with live music, vendors, and of course wine! Grab a comfy lawn chair or a couple of blankets and enjoy what nature has to offer. Stay updated with what's coming up at the Maryland Wine website.

If you're more of a sailor and prefer well-crafted drinks over ice, there are plenty of whiskey tastings to enjoy. These are a little more on the pricey side, so plan to attend these sparingly. But most events will offer tasty treats to accompany your cocktails and libations.

Drinking adventures, tubing, kayaking, and biking are some of the best ways to venture a little off of your beaten path, but also invigorate your spirit. No passports needed, just some extra cash, a good friend or two, a smile to spread across your face.