Voting is so important. As a citizen of the United States it is not only a duty but a right that not everyone has. Historically, people 12-25 have the lowest voter turnout. But we can change that.

Of course I have opinions on who you should vote for, but I am not going to tell you.

This is your decision. You are the only person who can decide who to vote for and you should not let anyone else influence who gets your vote and please do not do it to anyone else. Of course, please do your research beforehand.

All candidates are very vocal about their views, so a quick google search should give you a quick run down on them all. Also, do not have to vote for every position. No one is going to be mad, you are not going to lose points, literally nothing will happen if you decide not to vote for something. The only thing that will happen is you not making an uninformed decision that you could later vote.

I know the habit of just filling in bubbles to finish it (thanks standardizes testing), but you could vote for one thing and it will still count. I know that no one really tells you how to vote, where to go, how to register, what you can and cannot do; but just ask. Ask a professor, a family member, a friend, or google. Someone will know what to do.

I can not stress how easy it is to vote--it took me all of five minutes because of the line--or how important it is. Voting is one of the easiest ways to be involved in our democracy. No matter what your views are, you can see them come to fruition through voting for people who have the same ideas as you.

As citizens of the United States, please make informed decisions and please vote.