Please Stop Ranting On Social Media

Please Stop Ranting On Social Media

Being a millennial that grew up in the world of social media, I feel that I can safely claim myself as an expert in the field of social media do’s and don’ts. Now that we’ve established my expertise, I am qualified -- if not responsible -- for bringing attention to an issue that simply needs to be addressed. Friends and family, good people of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and whatever else: Please, for the love of all that is holy, and Mark Zuckerberg, just stop going on rants on your social media.

I sit, day after day, scrolling down my multiple timelines, only to be interrupted by my own involuntary cringes and eye rolls at every other post I see. Come on, people, I know I can’t be the only one. It is the absolute most annoying thing to be going through Facebook and run into a post that is basically a short story.

There is a time and a place for expressing your feelings, and it is not on my Facebook feed. It is in your room, alone, in your diary. I definitely won’t support your GoFundMe page to help you achieve your dream of becoming a professional drag racer, but I will buy you a diary to support my peace of mind. Yes, unfortunately, this is an actual post I’ve seen. I actually did take the time to read it because I thought it might turn out to be a drawn out, really funny joke. It wasn’t.

Aside from the fact that your rants are extremely annoying, they are also extremely pointless. If you post three paragraphs about how rude your customers were at work today, do you actually believe that people will take the time to read it? If you have been living your life up until this point believing that, this is where it ends. I promise, no one will read it because no one cares.

Rants like this are also pointless because it isn’t changing anything about the situation. Will posting those three paragraphs about your rude customers make them less rude? Will it take you back in time to the beginning of the day and magically give you nice customers? No, but if I see you post about it one more time it might be enough to make me find where you work and purposely do everything you complained about in your post.

Yes, ranting is annoying and pointless, but you may be thinking, So what? I don’t care how my posts make you feel. Excellent point. Counterpoint: it also makes you look bad to every single person who follows your posts. No one is going to see an unnecessarily long rant about your issues with the Starbucks red cup controversy or Hillary Clinton running for President and think, Man, he seems like a cool guy. I wish we hung out more.

Now, I feel like I need to address the irony of this article. By writing about ranting on social media, I am in fact going on a rant that will be eventually posted on social media. So, technically, I am also guilty. This is why I would like to suggest that, if your desire to share your thoughts is so strong that it cannot be satisfied with a private journal, submit your rants to online publications and at least give people the choice of whether or not they want to click the link and indulge your opinions.

On that note, thanks to all those reading this article that chose to indulge my opinions on the subject. And I’m sorry if this was a little harsh. If you need somewhere to complain about it, please refer to that diary I mentioned earlier. Rant over.

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Top Places to Visit in Kolkata at Night

kolkata nightlife venues


Often referred to as the Cultural Capital of India, Kolkata is an endlessly fascinating place to visit in India. While many who visit the remarkable city often explore the heritage sites and other important landmarks, not all are aware that the city is replete with awesome night haunts as well. For youngsters hoping to visit the city on cheap flights to India, here’s a list of some of the best Kolkata nightlife venues you can check out on your trip. Browse through the list and find places that interest you the most. 

Awesome late night hangouts in Kolkata


One of the poshest night hangouts in Kolkata, swanky Shisha pulled its shutters down in November only to reopen a month later in a new avatar. Its unique ghetto-style design is what draws people in and has been inspired by a similar place in Mumbai. The concept works like the bar stock exchange with DJs keeping the crowds entertained while customers indulge in fun drinking games. Although the concept is new in Kolkata, it has already proved to be a smashing hit with the people. 


With a retro-glam look to match its serene ambiance, Roxy is famous for its remarkable mix of classy cocktails. The interiors resplendent with velvet and metal have been done to remind one of the sizzling 60’s retro era. The place gets extra crowded on the weekends when the city’s youth make their way here. A DJ belts out classic hits downstairs for those who wish to let their hair down. There’s a small, private chill-out area upstairs where those looking for a little solitude can enjoy. 

M Bar Kitchen

Placed in an alley off Park Street, M Bar Kitchen became an instant hit the moment it opened in late 2014. Offering a European menu, a contemporary decor, and a 26-foot long well-stocked bar, this is one of the best night hangouts to visit when arriving on cheap last minute flights. With the “M” standing for anything from music and meals to martinis and moods, this incredible place turns into a massive party destination every Friday and Saturday. International DJs often perform at this awesome place.

UG Reincarnated

The revamped Underground opened in late 2015 offering a new vibe and a cooler version that replaced its decade-old style. Replacing the London Underground look, the jaunt has been done up with incredible features such as LED flooring, modern steel grey and blue interiors, high-tech sound, and 3D laser lighting among other things. There is a large dance floor now where the island bar once used to be. Hardcore party animals can dance the night away here without a care in the world. 


This is one of the best Kolkata nightlife venues to head to if you wish to have some alfresco fun in the city. Offering a smoldering poolside experience, this groovy lounge bar is among the most happening places to visit in Kolkata. There are DJs spinning hits for you to dance to and hookahs to enjoy as well. A double deck has been added to the already comfortable seating area to easily accommodate more people. One visit here will make you want to come back for a revisit before your trip is over. 


Nocturne is one of the most popular night hangouts to explore when arriving in the city on cheap business class flights. First launched in 2010, the happening place occupies a sprawling area of about 3, ooo square feet and is divided into multiple sections. In the basement you will find the Nocturnal Haze offering hookahs and a casual coffee feel. For an upbeat party scene, head to the lounge area upstairs replete with a dance floor and an impressive sound system. 

Club Boudoir:

Inspired by the French lounge concept, Club Boudoir opened in Kolkata with much fanfare in 2016. This is the biggest nightclub in the city spread over a massive area of about 6,000 square feet and is famously home to a 35-foot-long bar. Every Thursday is Ladies Night with unlimited drinks. So women travelers, solo and otherwise, should check this awesome place out to enjoy the amazing nightlife in Kolkata. This is among the best Kolkata nightlife venues you can explore on your trip. 

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An Open Letter to the Girl who is Learning to be Loved; Again.

And just like snow...she was beautiful as she fell.

You are worth the effort.

You are loved.

Learning what it's like to be loved again is probably the hardest thing that anyone could ask of you. But all of the moments where you feel unwanted, broken, tattered and worn, they are all leading up to the day to where someone will look you in the eye, say the words "I do", and mean it with every ounce of their existence. 

Many of us know the feeling too well. The feeling where you hold on to something that isn't there for so long that you forget what it feels like to love and to be loved. Don't give up hope. Every day that passes is a day that you can prove to yourself of just how strong you are. Don't lose faith. 

After we get our heart broke, we convince ourselves that we aren't good enough for anyone so we, at some point or the other, give up. Don't lose faith in the fact that you are meant to be in this world and to be loved by someone. We more often than not, give all and receive little to the person who didn't deserve our love in the first place. But, if you want to learn to be loved again, you must allow yourself the respect to know who and what you deserve. Never settle for less. 

To the girl who is learning what it's like to be loved again, just hold on. In order to be loved again, it'll take time. And no one ever said it was going to be easy. But i promise you that one day, you'll find someone who accepts the hardships and is willing to show your worth. 

Until that day comes, hold on. Don't forget that it's okay to fall in love again. 

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