This is something super important and something everyone struggles with at one point another. We spend so much time caring about what those around us think and honestly half the time they aren’t honestly thinking about you and even if they were thinking about you why should it matter. Why should you worry so much about what others think when honestly their opinion of you does not matter. It is so easy nowadays to get in the mindset where we constantly are putting ourselves down and continuously thinking terrible things about ourselves. And the media doesn’t help anything. Constantly we are being exposed to photoshopped models and even though we know that is not exactly how they look, we still focus on their overall appearance comparing their “beauty traits” to our flaws.

And it is not only girls who struggle with this issue of over analyzing our flaws and the people thoughts around us. Guys do it too. Our appearances often affect our moods overall and we begin overthinking everything about us. Soon it is way more than just our flaws. We begin hating our appearances, our height, our weight, and literally everything about ourselves. It’s so sad.

God created us for a reason. He created our life the way it is. It is so easy to forget this but it is true. God created me and my life and I am beyond blessed. So whatever you do in life love yourself. Because if you don’t love yourself first you truly may never be truly happy. Even Justin Bieber reminds us of this in his famous song Love Yourself, “You should go and love yourself”. I know it isn’t something that is going to change overnight. And it’s not something that is going to be easy, but it’s something that is necessary.

I challenge you to write down five things you truly love about yourself. It can be literally anything from your appearance to your hobbies. Write them down and hang it somewhere special in your room. Somewhere where you will see it every day. Maybe next to your bed, or on your closet door, or bathroom mirror. When you look at this list remember that God truly created you for a reason and that he created you that way for a reason.

Here is my five things list:

  • I love my smile.
  • Although I sometimes complain about being short I secretly love it.
  • I love my talents (Writing and painting)
  • I love my eyes
  • I love my sense of style