The Perfect Playlist For Those Unforgettable Moments

I was introduced to this concept of "golden moments" part way through my senior year. I remember talking with a friend about it and what it means so I fully owe all of the credit of this word to her.

"Golden moments" in the way I've adapted to it are moments that are just so good and so perfect that in that specific moment, you get a feeling of utter swell where absolutely nothing could top this. Makes sense right? I mean, to each their own.

But that's exactly what a golden moment is! It's all your own and only you have control over what it feels like or what it looks like and over the years, my complexity has grown.

Because of that, over the years I've also compiled a playlist of songs because more times than not, my golden moments are related to songs. To keep it short and sweet, here's a (partial) playlist of my golden moments in life. It's indescribable what these feel like. Sharing just enough to keep you guessing but also get a little insight of what they all mean to me.

1. "All Time Low" by Jon Bellion.

Hello, senior prom night party bus after dinner.

2. "It Comes Back To You" by Imagine Dragons.

Driving to school every morning my senior year.

3. "Goodbye" by Who Is Fancy.

My literal, girl boss, best friends, senior year driving anthem.

4. "I'm in Love" by Kygo.

Can't even tell you why I think of going to a Justin Bieber concert with my best friend whenever I hear this song but like, I do.

5. "Ex to See" by Sam Hunt.

The lyrics explain this song and the memories exactly.

6. "Let's Hurt Tonight" by OneRepublic.

My last summer home before college.

7. "Move Together" by James Bay.

The clarity I have of this song and this concert with my friends is unreal.

8. "7 Years" by Lukas Graham.

I specifically remember the first time I heard this song and then spent the next hour looking up Lukas Graham and who the heck he was.

9. "Love Me Anyways" by The Mowgli's.

This song will always remind me of my trip to Canada and I don't think that'll ever change.

10. "I Think I'm In Love" by Kat Dahlia.

I remember finding this song with my friends so clearly, and then not listening to any other song but this for months.

11. "The Lime Tree" by Trevor Hall.

This song is tied to favorite class I've ever taken.

12. "Perfect Places" by Lorde.

You would know if you've ever experienced this song live being 19 years old.

13. "Dance Off" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

I wish I could visually show everyone the memory I have to this song.

14. "Rich Love" by OneRepublic.

This song will forever remind me of driving to visit my friends at college.

15. "On My Own" by Niall Horan.

You'll never be able to understand the song and the feelings that are connected to it if you weren't there.

16. "Just For A Moment" by Gryffin.

I want everyone to experience what I experienced the first time I heard this song live.

17. "Tequila" by Dan + Shay.

Forever and ever the summer of 2018.

I wish (but I also don't wish) that I could share all of my exact memories of these songs with everyone, but that's partially the point of golden moments. They're all my own!

I've made it easy for anybody interested and already have a list of all these songs, plus the rest that I don't feel like sharing the memory too but will forever remain special to me. With that, happy listening!

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