A Playlist to Boost Your Mood

Instead of crying to Sam Smith when you're in a terrible mood, how about listening to some upbeat tunes handpicked by yours truly? These are some of my favorites to put the bounce back in my step. You'll be surprised how powerful an effect music can have on your mood.

1. Sunshine by POWERS

"Sunshine is gonna come now rain down, all over you."

2. Bruises by Chairlift

"I got bruises on my knees for you and grass stains on my knees for you got holes in my new jeans for you."

3. My Hair Looks Fierce by Amanda Lepore

"I don't know much about clothes but my hair looks fierce."

4. Ocean Drive by Duke Dumont

"You brought the fire to a world so cold we're out of time on the highway to never."

5. GMF by John Grant

"So go ahead and love me while it's still a crime and don't forget, you could be laughing sixty-five percent more of the time."

6. Casanova by Allie X

"I'm here dancing on the edge of the night, I'm sleepwalking with a hand full of blue dice."

7. Believer by American Authors

"I've never been that lucky, I've never tasted fame, I'm always lookin' for somethin', but I hate changing."

8. Say My Name by Tove Styrke

"Say my name let it roll, let it roll off your tongue, let me know, let me know what you want, wear it out like a sweater that you love."

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