Everyone has seen that terribly sad video of the turtle found with a straw stuck in its nose. I don't consider myself an extremist when it comes to being environmentally friendly, but I do my part. Here's some dumb sh*t that must contain plastic, but really doesn't have to.

1. Coconuts

If only coconuts had a protective covering that wouldn't need plastic. Oh, wait...

2. Straws

Paper straws, cardboard straws, bamboo straws. ANYTHING that is biodegradable is better than this. Why can't we just drink straight from the cup at this point?

3. A Christmas Tree

Listen, I like that time of year as much as the next person, but what the hell is the point of this? You already hurt the environment by cutting down this tree, now you're doing it again.

4. Fake Christmas Trees

For some reason, I'm not as mad as the real tree wrapped in plastic. Just please tell me you'll be reusing this every year because plastic doesn't die in a few days.

5. Spoons


A plastic spoon in plastic? Double trouble.

6. A Couch

I get it, you don't want stains, but they make chemicals for that (which come in their own plastic bottles, might I add) so honestly I don't understand.

7. Bags

Stores located where I live have begun to charge a nickel for every plastic bag they give out now, which encourages people to bring reusable bags. I hope every store considers doing this now.

8. Balls


It's fun for kids, but not for a defenseless creature. We have "Fortnite" and slime, we don't need this as well.

9. Boots


There is literally NOTHING cool about this, Chanel.

10. Beads


I hate my younger self for buying these.

11. Boxes or Crates

There is nothing manly about this, @manlyplastics smh

I know this is all really upsetting. Thankfully there are people who do things like this, and this, and this.

National Geographic Channel