A while back, I wrote an article explaining why the plastic straw issue was not a big deal. And looking back, I'm realizing how wrong and misled I was. I admit that I have changed my mind about the issue.

Let me start off by saying how strange it feels writing this article now, just because I changed my opinion on a popular issue. But I feel as though I needed to address my change in opinion. However, I feel that there are plenty of people out there in my shoes, and not just about the whole straw thing. Accepting and admitting to a change in your own opinion can be a tricky thing to do, but it's important that we recognize not only that our opinions are changing, but why they're changing.

In my case, I realized how misled my reasoning was, and the proof has proven me wrong.

Efforts in the recent months to clean our oceans have proven successful, with more and more aquatic life being brought into the public eye. For example, although the surprising rise in shark attacks is incredibly alarming, it's proof that efforts to save our oceans are successful. Clean water is drawing sharks closer into the shoreline, a sure sign of positive change in our oceans.

Having the knowledge and awareness that efforts, such as the plastic straw initiative, are truly making an impact is enough to open our eyes and consider our own actions and how we can take part.

So there's comes a point where you have to admit that your initial opinion has changed - and there's nothing wrong with that. It's hard to admit, I know. But as we move forward, it's okay to change your mind. It's only human, and humans grow with their knowledge.