Having Your Heart In More Than One Place Is Hard, But So Worth It

The past view years have been filled with long-distance friendships, traveling for holidays, and adjusting from one place to the next.

It's interesting because "5-years-ago me" didn't want anything to do with moving anywhere, traveling anywhere, or going anywhere (other than home, or to buy donuts, ha).

Now, I have found myself with my heart in a few different places. I'll always be from California, however, now there are roots planted in Arizona, and there's a deep desire in my heart to move across the country (or the world, who really knows?)

Personally, I wouldn't have planned for this! I would've loved to stick with roots I knew and stay home for life. I thought it was a pretty cozy place!

Things have changed and shifted and I am learning that it is alright to have my heart in more than one place.

If you have found yourself with roots all over the world or country too, that's ok!

It's alright to be confused about where to spend the holidays.

It's alright to feel conflicted about where you want to go in the future.

AND it's alright to keep those long distance friendships.

You see, it is WAY WORTH IT.

Getting out of your comfort zone and diving headfirst into the discomfort of experiencing new things is worth it.

You can make new friends. You can learn more about the world around you and you can gain an understanding of what other cultures are like.

Wherever you are, if you are thinking of leaping out of your comfort zone, do it.

Don't "wait until you have it all together" or "wait until you can afford it."

Seriously, if you've prayed about, thought it through, and considered your options, STOP with the excuses and TAKE ACTUAL STEPS.

Get out of your little bubble and plant your roots somewhere new.

There are still going to be days that are harder than others. You might even cry yourself to sleep a few times and you are guaranteed to grow from it.

Even if packing bags and moving away is the hardest thing you have ever had to do, it CAN be worth it.

For those this holiday season that might be confused because their heart just seems to be in so many different places, you aren't alone!

You are loved and seen and even if you are spending your holidays somewhere new, you can and will grow from it!

Keep your head up. Put one foot in front of the other. Keep on moving forward and loving those around you in the process. Fuel those long-distance friendships and still cherish the ones right there in front of you!

Don't take exactly where you are right now for granted. You may not be here forever, so soak it ALL in.

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