What exactly is planned parenthood? Planned parenthood is a nonprofit organization that conducts research and gives advice on contraception, family planning and reproductive problems. There are up sides to planned parenthood including helpful advice if you are a first time parent and possible reproductive problems that you may run into while pregnant. There are also down sides to planned parenthood as well such as abortions.

If you are looking to be on birth control for any reason, you can go to a health care provider and see all types of options that they have or you can go to one of the many planned parenthood clinics around. Birth control does not only help with preventing pregnancy, but it can also help if you have ovarian cysts, it makes your menstrual cycle more regular, and can even balance hormones. There are many forms of birth control. Some of the forms are pills, shots, and an implantation device that is inserted into the arm. These are only a few of the options that you have.

If you plan on becoming pregnant, a planned parenthood clinic may help you answer some of the questions that you have. Asking your doctor is a better option and could help you answer questions in more depth and have a better understanding of what to do. This can make harder decisions a bit easier and less stressful.

Reproductive problems are always a concern when pregnant, but that does not have to stop you from having children. There are plenty of other options if a reproductive problem does happen to occur. It is best to follow up with a doctor concerning reproductive problems.

Personally, I do not like abortions at all. There are many other options that are available other than abortions. For instance, adoption is an option. In some cases, adoption may be frowned upon as well, but it is much better than getting an abortion completely. I believe that the only way a child should be “terminated” is if something during the pregnancy naturally went wrong. For example, if the zygote (fertilized egg) attaches to cervix, a doctor cannot detach the zygote and will have to be terminated. Unfortunately, things such as this happens and it is a horrible feeling, one that hurts the parents the most.

The final questions are planned parenthood: yes, or no? Is this the way you want to do things? What are your thoughts and feelings on this topic? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments. Personally, I believe that we should not have planned parenthood. All lives matter, unborn or not.