Places From Pokemon You May Already Know From The Real World
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Places From Pokemon You May Already Know From The Real World wonder it looked familiar.

Places From Pokemon You May Already Know From The Real World

Have you ever seen an episode of "Pokemon" and wondered why you feel like you've seen one of towns or cities somewhere else before? Or maybe you've wondered how the animators are able to come up with the intricate design and placement for these locations? Well, to answer both wonders, most places and landscapes from Pokemon are actually based on real world places! Sometimes the plot is even based on the histories and stories along with the architecture of these real world locations.

Porta Vista in Acapulco Town, Kanto is Acapulco, Mexico.

Hint: There is a similarity in the name of the two places, the beaches, the buildings and the ports.

Hollywood, Kanto is Hollywood, USA.

Hint: The name of the two places and the mention of Hollywood stated to be in California in the dub version of the show. More so based on the 1950s appearance of Hollywood.

Alto Mare, Johto is Venice, Italy.

Hint: The similarity in the many canals and gondola rowing boats as the mode of transportation.

Forina, Hoenn is Wulingyuan, China.

Hint: The sandstone and rock pillar formations along with surrounding green forests.

LaRousse City, Hoenn is Vancouver, Canada.

Hint: The similarity in the shape and layout of the cityscape.

Sootopolis City, Hoenn is Santorini, Greece.

Hint: The lime or whitewashed cubed stone architecture similarity to Cyclades houses and the similarity of the blue domes to the Santorini churches.

Alamos Town, Sinnoh is Barcelona, Spain.

Hint: The Space Time Towers' similarity to the incomplete church Sagrada Familia.

Pastoria City, Sinnoh is Boston, USA.

Hint: The suburbs and towns being built on wetlands similar to Boston and The Fens or Back Bay Fens.

Ten'i Village, Sinnoh is Geiranger, Norway.

Hint: The idea in threat of the glacier crumbling down to the village is similar to the possibility of the mountain Akerneset eroding.

Michina Town, Sinnoh is Meteora, Greece.

Hint: Similarity in the towering rock formations, villages and temple architecture.

Crown City, Sinnoh is Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Hint: The similarity in the water ways, buildings and the Pokemon Baccer stadium to the Amsterdam Arena stadium.

Eindoak Town, Unova is Tourrettes-sur-Loup and Normandy, France.

Hint: The village scheme by the mountain and The Sword of Vale story's similarity to Le Mont Saint Michel.

Roshan City, Unova is Tokyo, Japan.

Hint: Sky scraping buildings and the tallest tower's similarity to The Sky Tree.

New Tork City, Unova is New York City, USA.

Hint: The similarity in the names of the two places, the shape of the city, the large number of buildings, and Central Park seen in the center.

Avignon Town, Kalos is Avignon, France.

Hint: The name of the two locations and The Castle of Avignon Town's similarity to The Palais des Papes.

Dahara City, Kalos is Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Hint: Towering skyscrapers and stone houses surrounded by some greenery. The landmark Dahara Tower is similar to the tallest skyscraper in the world, Burj Khalifa.

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