Living in Charleston, I never really have the urge to go home. There is a beach in Charleston, there are more than enough good restaurants and there is top-of-the-line shopping. Not to mention the numerous friends that I have gained in just two short years.

Over the weekend, I ventured up Interstate 26 to the small town that I have called home for my entire life. Just like every small town, there are a couple of small original restaurants, and small boutiques that were once the best places to be, some time ago.

Not to be frank, but I don’t particularly enjoy coming home from Charleston, except to see my family. I am not in love with my hometown, and I know that I can’t be the only one. Although my trip was not as charming as Charleston, I must say that I have gained a new appreciation from my hometown – in just four days. Here are a couple of things that I noticed within my short trip home:

There is nothing like your favorite restaurants at home.

I’m not going to lie – I always look forward to my favorite baked spaghetti, the barbecue restaurant with the best potato salad in the entire world, and the most delicious buffalo chicken wrap on this side of the Mason-Dixon Line. Not to mention the most famous, Pizza Inn with the best Chocolate Chip Pizza.

Your family will not be around forever.

Although we may believe that our grandparents will be around forever, the truth is – they are not. While you are visiting your hometown, I have learned to appreciate the time with my grandparents that I once saw at least three to four times per week. Something as simple as going to lunch, can mean the world to them – and you can catch up on all the happenings of their lives as well!

Inevitably, you are going to see someone you know

I find myself sporting the typical t-shirts and shorts every single time I go home, with the mindset of “surely I won’t see anyone that I know.” WRONG – more times than not, I typically see two to three people that I know! It’s never a bad thing, however – after living away from your hometown for two years, you just don’t think about coming home to see the folks who once molded you into the person you are today!

The three-and-a-half-hour drive is definitely not the best part, but I find myself enjoying my time at home more so, when I have a positive mindset. Charleston isn’t going anywhere. My friends, the beach, and the restaurants will all still be standing when I return!