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I love my job working at a pizzeria. Of course all jobs comes with a love hate relationship. No matter how much you love something, there will always be something in the way that bothers you. I work at Eddie's Gourmet Pizza in Newburgh, New York. While working all the time feels like working eight days out of the seven week days, you learn how to treat other employees at your everyday restaurants, retail stores, snack shops, etc. There's a couple of things that I most definitely love about my job that I can point out directly. The regular customers are the best.

Things to love:

1. The Regulars

You can always look forward to them calling in their order, and while they're ordering you stop them half way and finish their order for them because they never change, ever.

2. Christmas Time

Another great loving part of my job is working during the Christmas season. We decorate the place to look like the north pole. We have our stockings hanging over the phones as people walk in the store. Everyone is so happy when they walk in. And the tips, the tips during the Christmas season; that is something everyone can love about this job.

3. Discounts

Working around food can be difficult because you want to eat everything in site, which most of the time you do. We're able to eat almost whatever we want during our shifts at little to no cost. And when we order on our off days we get great discounts. Whoever said you can't eat pizza everyday is crazy, pizza is an everyday anytime meal.

4. Co-Workers

Lastly, my co-workers. They are what makes this job so great. You can always count on them to make fun of you, cheer you up and make you laugh. If you make a mistake at work, then they always help you fix it and get over it so it doesn't affect you the rest of your shift. We all have each others back.

Now for the hate:

1. Summer Time

There's nothing worse than having to go into work at the pizzeria during the summer. You're already working with two ovens at 600 degrees in a little area, but when it's over 80 degrees outside, you want to die. You just melt. There is nothing more satisfying than having to go get something out of the walk in fridge. There's times you wish you could sit in there during your entire shift.

2. Customers, Part 1

When customers call and say they want to place an order. OK, awesome now please tell me what you want. But they don't. They start asking everyone around them in the background what they want. Look at the menu before you call! Nothing is more frustrating then when it's busy, you're on the phone for over five minutes and the customer still hasn't decided on what they want.

3. Customers, Part 2

Don't order something specific on the menu and then change everything about it. For example, you order a chicken bacon ranch pizza, but you actually only want half bacon, no ranch and Cajun chicken instead of regular grilled chicken, you want it crispy, but not well done, but not cooked normal, along with it being cut into 12 slices. If you're going to be picky, then at least give me a heads up so I can grab a big piece of paper to write down every little detail you want. But don't be rude to me when I ask you to repeat something back to you, I'm just trying to do my job and make sure your pickiness is correct.

4. Customers, Part 3

One more complaint about customers, when you can't hear them on the phone but they get mad at you. I asked you three times to clearly speak up because I can't hear you and you start to give me an attitude. A pizzeria isn't a quiet place, if you call and start mumbling, whispering or having people screaming in the background, then I pray I get your order correct. So please when you call, go in a quiet background and speak clearly and loudly into the phone for the best pizza experience.

5. Burns

Burns are the worst and are so hard to prevent. You may think, "Oh, just be careful when reaching into the oven." If you're short, then there is absolutely no way around it. You will burn yourself reaching into a tall oven. The oven is so hot you touch the oven for .001 seconds and you have a huge burn on your arm. It only hurts for a few short seconds but you have marks up and down looking like you're some type of cutter.

I will always love my job. This was my first job, I started when I was 15 years old and I'm now 20. The experience has changed my life in many ways that you might not understand unless you try the position out yourself. Pizza will always be life.

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